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At Brand Iron we’ve created our signature four phases process for building a successful marketing plan: Strategize, Create, Activate, and Achieve. Our team’s ability to deliver a wide range of services, from conceptualizing brands to marketing plans, to creating and implementing go-to-market plans with trackable results, allows us to develop and market brands in a way that very few marketing agencies can. This blog focuses on a specific service we offer in the Strategize phase, BrandStorms.

Build Your Brand and Marketing Plan with BrandStorms

We offer two types of BrandStorms, a mini and a full session. These sessions range from two to four hours, and can be tailored for all types of companies, in any industry. Brand Iron will identify a company’s overarching goals, objectives, and the best means to accomplish them. We examine your current technology utilization, sales and marketing processes, messaging and positioning, SEO and business objectives in order to better understand your brand and create success.

BrandStorms deliver Achieve Anything Plans, brand audits, value points and propositions, market trends, and target audience.We ask detailed questions about your brand in order to develop an in-depth understanding of your companies current market position and goals going forward.


Integrating Technology Through MarketingBrandStorm sessions determine the best marketing technology to integrate into your marketing plan; helping your company reach and surpass goals.

One of the most important aspects of our BrandStorm session is the portion where our team dives into your brand’s current marketing technology (MarTech) utilization. Many companies do not currently harness the power of MarTech, such as marketing automation, which could be restricting them from reaching their highest goals. In addition, our team of experts analyzes your brand’s unique needs and objectives to determine which technologies will serve your brand best, in order to accomplish the sales and marketing goals we determined earlier in the session. After integration, our team carefully tracks your brand’s results.

Achieve Anything Plan: A Marketing Plan for The Future

Marketing plan information you will receive from an Achieve Anything Plan are revenue goals, brand positioning goals, and sales goals and the leads needed to reach them.After the BrandStorm, our Brand Iron team supplies the client with a dynamic marketing plan called the Achieve Anything Plan. The Achieve Anything Plan is a tremendous source of information that identifies your company’s business goals and objectives, technology utilization, competitive analysis, messaging platforms, a go-to-market strategy, and the means of tracking the outcomes of each marketing tactic used.

What This Does for Your Business

A BrandStorm is the foundation upon which an unstoppable brand is built. Using the information gathered and created in the Achieve Anything Plan, brands can elevate their marketing abilities and increase their lead generation and bottom lines. Whether your company is big, small, established, or emerging, a marketing plan from our BrandStorm session will better equip your company to tackle current and future goals.

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