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Creative that sells.

We talk a fair amount at our firm about the vital role that creative plays in your branding and marketing efforts. Creative visually pulls your entire brand together. Great creative work isn’t just good because it’s cool, funny or hip, it can also increase user engagement and convey messages when done right.

Sometimes when creative work is too creative the messaging can get lost and it does not capture the brand’s story. What makes good creative work is its ability to get results by driving people to take action. Let’s take a look at a few elements that all great creative pieces have in common.

1. The creative work is engaging and grabs the attention of the consumers and gets them to take action.

2. It effectively conveys the brand promise and what the experience would look like if consumers choose to buy their products or services.

3. Creates a lasting impression on the consumer and stands out from the crowd. More brand recognition can mean great things for a brand.

4. Effective creative should speak to a specific target audience. Know who your customers and potential  customers are and develop personas of what appeals to them and develop creative that speaks directly to them.

5. Good work utilizes visual imagery, content and tones to create an emotional connection.

6. Great creative drives leads, first and foremost!

Now that you understand the elements that go into good creative and gets results, it’s time to engage, connect and drive leads. Brand Iron is a strategic brand and value creation agency that develops create creative that connects the brand and drives leads. To get started fill out the form below or visit brandiron.net and call 303-534-1901.

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