Healthy Branding for Healthy Brands

Health and wellness brands are a great way to explore your passion and share it with a like-minded community. They connect people from all walks of life. Yogis, bodybuilders, CrossFit athletes, and many more engage with health and wellness brands to gain insights about their health, get the most from workouts, and reach their overall fitness goals. If you’re a health brand that’s looking to establish itself in the industry, consider these factors when building your marketing strategy.

Digital Presence

An online presence can be a great tool for attracting new customers and retaining your current clientele. Your website should include your branding and communicate a clear position of who you are and what you offer in the market. It’s an opportunity to display the personality and passion behind your business, highlight your value proposition to customers, and set yourself apart from the competition. 

Creating a website also gives you the opportunity to open up another channel for sales. Ecommerce functionality and digital communication make it easy to offer subscriptions, products, and services on your website. A digital presence also gives you a central place to house all relevant information for your business. If there are important company updates, promotions, or any other relevant information, your website gives people a place to find it.


Since the health and wellness industry is fast-growing and quickly evolving, authentic branding is a key way for your business to stand out. Authenticity is important for fostering a connection with your customers and creating brand loyalty. If your business seems like it prioritizes sales over the customer, it will quickly lose any business it earned.

Customers want to trust a brand. They rely on it for the information they need to make educated investments. As a business, it’s your responsibility to make recommendations based on the customer’s goals without taking advantage of their lack of knowledge. You want to create an experience that feels like it adds value to the customer’s life. Once you’ve earned their trust, it’s easier to make future recommendations to help your customers on their wellness journey. 

Content Marketing

A content strategy can give your brand the opportunity to provide your audience with a wide range of information that’s relevant to their goals. If you’re a gym, consider creating video workouts that you share with your members. Nutritionists may find it easy to share recipes that make weight loss easier online.

Creating a variety of content allows you to add value to your customer’s life while establishing your brand as a credible source of information. Videos, ebooks, podcasts, blogs, emails, social media and more provide your brand with different channels to discuss what’s relevant in your industry while offering your expertise.


Communities are a place where people care for each other. They can unite people on a common journey and give them a place to grow with the support of others. As a health and wellness brand, you should look to unite your customers while caring toward their individual goals.

Ask questions about your customer’s experience. Use feedback to improve your brand experience. And most importantly, cherish the people that help you grow your business. Instead of thinking about increasing your sales, change your focus to prioritize increasing your connections. As you grow your community, your business will naturally grow alongside it with the support from a loyal customer base. 

Brand Ambassadors/ Influencers

A tight-knit community can often produce your own herd of brand ambassadors. People may begin to spread news of your business to friends and family, and serve as advocates for your business. However, as a health and wellness brand, investing in influencer marketing could also help you earn credibility and gain exposure to new audiences. Try to find public figures that are relevant to your space and ask if they’ll endorse your product/service in content. Social media is a rapidly growing space that can attract giant audiences if utilized correctly.

A comprehensive branding strategy should include relevant marketing channels, content, and it should leverage your community while highlighting the value of a relationship with your business. When developing your marketing strategy, it should be geared towards growing your business and providing your community with an exceptional brand experience. At Brand Iron, we’re the authority on brand experience (BX). If you’re a business in the health and wellness industry that needs branding, we can do the heavy lifting. 

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