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Landing pages are the first interaction most people have with your business, and they’ll often dictate the interest potential leads have. If you’re looking to increase ROI, your marketing strategy should include a landing page designed for lead generation. Check out some of the following tips to help you design landing pages that convert your online traffic:


Pay Attention to Design: The imagery on your page should evoke a response from your customers. Some good tips to follow when designing your page include choosing a color scheme that works together, differentiating titles from body text, using shapes and symmetry to create a unique experience, and making your text easy to read.


Create a Call to Action: Your call to action is the element of your page that triggers action from visitors. It’s the main squeeze of your business proposal. When creating your call to action, make sure it accurately informs readers of what they can expect by clicking on the button. Depending on your objectives, this may include subscribing to a newsletter, filling out a registration form, signing up for a free trial, purchasing a service/product, or requesting that you contact them.


Use Forms: A form is an element included on landing pages that allows visitors to enter their information in return for offers. To create a form that converts, you’ll want to make it as easy to fill out as possible. Only ask for the minimum amount of information you need. The best landing pages make it their main objective to collect personal information, be it the visitors first and last name, their email address, or their telephone number. If possible, use buttons or checkboxes instead of asking people to write information in. Lastly, you’ll want to optimize your forms for mobile traffic too, as nearly 50% of all online traffic today is from mobile devices.


Add Testimonials: Testimonials from happy clients can provide expectations on your product/service. Customer satisfaction should be a factor every business cares about. Informing people about the progress your business has made can help further their understanding of how and why they need you.


Highlight Your Product or Service’s Benefits: An explanation of your product/service can help visitors understand your business, but rather than telling them what your business does, highlight how your key value points benefit the customer. How does your business help make their life easier?


Make An Attractive Offer: Creating offers can effectively boost conversions, but the best way to do this is by making your promotion for a limited time or by offering a limited quantity. A set deadline causes visitors to make quicker decisions after they learn about your business.


Use A/B Testing: A/B testing affords you the ability to analyze your page’s performance by comparing two versions. While you use an A/B testing tool, traffic will be split between page A and page B over a designated period of time so you can compare and contrast performance later on. With A/B testing, you can effectively hone down your page’s elements into a landing page that converts.


Make sure your landing pages lead to conversions with a comprehensive marketing strategy custom-tailored to your business’s needs. To learn more about how our cutting-edge marketing solutions can help you position your business for growth and expansion, please visit: https://www.brandiron.net/branding-marketing-solutions/


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