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You don’t have to be a branding agency to understand the power of technology and the advantages it can bring to your marketing and sales processes. But truthfully, many businesses don’t know that the benefits can be enormous, regardless of your size. Here is a quick breakdown of how modern marketing technology (MarTech) can boost your bottom line.


Let’s start with Automated Marketing, which is a fancy way to say “integrating your database with your sales pipeline.” It allows you to automate and monitor all marketing efforts and email distribution, and it can be a hugely powerful tool. With the advent of SaaS products, MAS or Marketing Automation can now be affordable for the small to medium sized business.



CRM or customer relationship management systems have been around for awhile. Think Salesforce, which is the world’s largest CRM product. CRMs help companies and individuals manage customer and prospect relations and sales pipelines. They help to simplify and refine your sales pipeline, but can also provide valuable insights into how things are going with your current customers.


Most businesses have been utilizing websites for years now, and most market online, but quite a few businesses still have yet to understand how websites can integrate into your daily business routine (unless you are a SaaS or E-Commerce business). We tell companies these days that your website is like your cell phone, with apps and plugins that integrate with lead generation and tracking, social media, daily production, and normal business operations. Most businesses have yet to harness the power that all these tools have to offer.

Search Engine

SEM, or as we say online marketing, is the combination of SEO organic results (search engine optimization on your website), pay per click (PPC, like Google AdWords), display ads, etc. This is a great way to open your company and the products and services you offer to a whole new audience.


I know we all hate to admit it, but email marketing – especially to ideal target customers – can be a highly effective marketing tool that is very affordable. Harness the power of email marketing, with value-rich content, a strong call-to-action and compelling creative, for a winning combination. 

Social Media

We all know how big social media is these days, especially for consumer-orientated businesses, but it’s getting even more important for business-to-business companies as well. We use it to disseminate value-rich content that actively positions us as leaders in our space, in order to connect with targeted customers and even drive recruiting.


Results dashboards are a great way to track and measure the effectiveness of all the above-listed marketing tactics, to make sure they are producing the desired return on your investment of time, energy and money. These days you don’t have to wait until after the month ends to see what happened; now you can get real-time analytics and adjust on-the-fly to reach your goals and objectives.

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