How to Maintain a Brand in the Work-From-Home Era

The Coronavirus Pandemic has led to many organizations encouraging or requiring their employees to work from home. As businesses begin to re-open, many plan to permanently implement more remote work opportunities. Needless to say, it is clear that we are experiencing a major shift in the dynamic of the workplace. 

As a result, businesses will need to adopt new strategies to connect with their employees and customers, and Brand Champions will need to focus their attention on the digital landscape to further their brand story, increase brand reputation, and achieve business goals. Below are several ways to build or maintain a team, culture, and brand to win in the work-from-home era.



Supplementing Personal Communication

With much of the workforce being abruptly thrown into a work-from-home environment, maintaining the same team dynamic can present a challenge, especially for coworkers that are used to the personal interaction of the office space. While some individuals thrive in a work-from-home setting, the isolation can take a toll on others. In order to keep your team performing, you need to keep them engaged and interacting with each other. 

Use meeting tools like Google Meets or Zoom to increase the productivity and capability of your meetings. Using these apps gives you the ability to add a personal layer in your daily communication, and it allows you to access a range of presentation capabilities so you can all stay updated on operational processes. These tools also serve as a great conduit for team events like happy hour or trivia. With a little creativity, you can still maintain communication and office culture without losing productivity or the interest of your team members.

Use a Project Management Tool

Project management tools like Asana or Monday can help you track deadlines and manage operations for your team. It’s easy to get caught up in the meetings, email chains, all the while juggling deadlines, but a project management tool can make it easy to see who’s accountable and the status of projects. More efficient project management allows you to spend more time getting work done, accomplishing your business goals.

Use ECommerce

Regardless of what product or service your brand offers, you should be actively looking to increase its availability and offer it in as many formats as possible. As foot traffic will remain muted for the foreseeable future, business owners will need to activate e-commerce functions across their websites. Customers are largely limited to how they can shop and some can’t even leave their homes as a result of being prone to the coronavirus. Without a digital offering of your product or service, you lose out on reaching a large population of potential business.

Maintaining Brand Experience

As we’re all experiencing less human interaction, providing the same level of Brand Experience for all of your customers and employees can be a challenge. However, now’s the time to bridge the gap formed between customers and brands. Reach out to customers and host a survey asking questions about how you can better serve their needs. Provide extra value and entertainment for your customers by ramping up your content production and your digital presence online. Incentivize participation in digital events with gifts or special promotions. Fostering engagement starts with a strong digital presence that provides an escape from the non-stop gloomy headlines all over today’s news.


Cultivating the community around your brand should be a top priority and focus for your business, as supply and demand will most likely have decreased if you’re not considered essential. While your team may not be united at one location, you want to have confidence that your community is strong and united so when things do pick back up, your brand is prepared for success.


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