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Creating wide-eyed goals and objectives for your brand or company can be the easiest part of marketing your business — the hardest part is jumpstarting your strategy to get there. It can seem overwhelming if you’re not prepared. Check out our top 3 tips on jump-starting your marketing strategy so you can meet and exceed your business development goals.

1. Do Your Research
The first and most important step in your marketing strategy is doing your research. You can’t form a reliable and strong marketing strategy without research. Take a look at your top competitors in your industry and analyze what you love about their brand and what you don’t love about their brand. Hone in on what you think you could do better. What marketing tactics are they utilizing in their own brand that are working for them, and can you incorporate them into your own strategy? What do you need to do to achieve that? You’ll need to know your numbers and your current demographics. Don’t focus on the future yet – look at what you have going for you and have a comprehensive understanding of where your business currently is. Use this research to determine your marketing budget. How much are you going to spend to implement marketing efforts?

2. Break Down The Basics
Breaking down what makes your competitors tick will help your own marketing strategy immensely, but what’s equally important is breaking down your own brand. You need to break down your brand into bite-sized chunks in order to get a full vision for your future goals and objectives. Knowing your numbers is important, but so is knowing your brand positioning and messaging. You can’t reach your target audience correctly without breaking down your brand voice, messaging, and positioning and tailoring them accordingly. Think about how you want your brand to be seen and heard by your prospects. How do you want people to perceive your brand?

3. Work Backwards
Once you’ve done your competitor research and have broken down the basic messaging, positioning, and targeting goals of your brand, it’s time to enter into the blueprint portion of your planning. Identify your top goals and objectives then create a timeline for when you will reach your milestones and goals. Start from the end of your timeline and work backwards. What steps do you need to take to reach your financial, sales, and marketing goals? Once your timeline is created, keep in mind that it’s fluid and will adjust as your marketing strategy progresses. Use your overarching marketing budget to break down how much you’ll need to allot to your individual efforts that you’ve lined out on your timeline. Working backwards is an essential part of strategizing, so you can ensure your goals and objectives will continue to be your bottom line throughout your marketing efforts.

Brand Iron’s proprietary BrandStorm sessions craft a framework for your business goals and objectives, assist you in breaking down your targeting, messaging, and positioning, and execute extensive business research. If you’re looking for a strong, multifaceted approach for reaching your brand goals and objectives, contact Brand Iron today to learn more about our BrandStorm sessions.

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