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The suit-wearing, martini-drinking city-slick marketer may be the first thing that pops into your head when it comes to branding and marketing. However, the modern marketer is a little more relatable in real life and asks the same foundational questions as today’s manufacturers. How do we stay competitive within our industry? Are we consistently showing who we are as a company? What do we do to keep our customers happy, all while planning for future growth? Brand Iron is proud to represent the Colorado Advanced for Manufacturing Alliance and help all manufacturers advance through marketing. As experts in the marketing industry, here are our best practices for the experts in the manufacturing field.


One of the first things to consider is who you want to talk to. This will give your marketing strategy direction, especially for manufacturers who have to take into account not only end users but B2B sales as well. Make sure your company’s message is clear and hits home for the audiences you are targeting. A Customer Relationship Manager, or CRM, is our chosen tool that helps keep track of whom your marketing is touching. For manufacturing, this can act as your company database and is incredibly helpful for understanding and respecting those important sales channels for B2B and end user customers.

[callout-right]it’s important to convey to the customer not only who you are and what you do, but why you’re better than your competition. [/callout-right]


Once you figure out your target audience, the next thing to do is find the right media to communicate your message. Are you using face-to-face methods like a sales team or tradeshow presentation? Have you tapped into online resources such as social media and email? When you understand which forms of media are the most appropriate for your target customer, you can form a strategic plan to drive engagement, sales, and revenue.


Every customer is on a unique journey to make the best purchase. When manufacturers understand this process, marketing and sales become easier and more effective. Today, customers start their buying process by researching. This usually is conducted on a variety of online and offline media. When it comes to content, the substance of your messaging, it’s important to convey to the customer not only who you are and what you do, but why you’re better than your competition. From process to product, manufacturing has extraordinary potential when it comes to driving conversation through content.  Engaging content draws the eye of the customer, and hitting them during their research phase helps keep your product top of mind.


Lastly, measuring your marketing efforts is crucial. Without concrete numbers to track ROI, marketing can seem like a needle in the haystack method of driving business. By tracking email campaigns, advertising, customer leads, etc., you can see for yourself your ROI, as well as tailor your marketing plan to be more effective.

The Keys to Branding and Marketing Success
  1. Utilize your brand to achieve your goals
  2. Champion your brand
  3. Know why you’re better
  4. Develop a go-to-market strategy
  5. Make it fun and engaging
  6. Create a great brand experience
  7. Measure, grow and evolve

For the manufacturing industry, marketing can be an incredibly empowering tool as well as a key differentiator against your competitors. With these best practices, you can set your company apart and focus on always advancing.