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Marketing in the Cannabis Industry

Marketing and advertising for the cannabis industry has been towing a fine line since 2012, when Colorado passed the law to make recreational consumption of marijuana legal. The industry has been booming and has accumulated over $6B in revenue since the law was enacted in 2014, and is only continuing to grow. Colorado is exploding with big chains, mom-and-pop dispensaries, and growing CBD businesses. \

Colorado’s cannabis advertising and marketing landscape is sewn together with rules and regulations, so it’s imperative that you’re well versed in current legislation and effective marketing strategies if you’re planning on creating a realistic and effective marketing campaign.

Utilize Appropriate Content Marketing

Marketing in the cannabis industry is all about capitalizing on appropriate content marketing. You’ll need to get creative and think outside-the-box while determining your content marketing strategy. Here are a few of the regulations on marketing your cannabis business in Colorado.

  • Only promote your product on media outlets if you have reliable evidence that your projected audience would be no more than 30% under the age of 21.
  • No outdoor advertising where a minor can see it.
  • No unsolicited online pop-up advertisements.
  • No publishing banner ads on mass-market websites.
  • No targeting out-of-state consumers.  

Cannabis marketing is one of the most targeted of the vertical industries because of these regulations. Email marketing will be a great asset, but you need to be careful about how you’re promoting cannabis depending on the email platform you’re using. It can seem daunting, but there are many ways to create content successfully and within the lines. Before creating your content, consider what you want your brand to stand for? How do you want people to perceive your cannabis brand? To set yourself apart in the cannabis industry, it’s all going to be about your messaging and positioning. Focus on creating educational content about your brand and products, instead of promotional. You want to cultivate a lifestyle, and have consumers make the choice to be a part of it.

Harness SEO + UX-Friendly Websites

SEO on your website is imperative for marketing your cannabis business. Organic searches are a surefire way to drive wanted traffic to your website. Not only that, but it’s an easy way to deter potential marketing regulation roadblocks. Incorporating the appropriate keywords into your website will make it easier to make sure you’re targeting the right audience and, if done correctly, can make it harder for minors to find your website. The next step is making sure they engage with your website once they get there. Make sure your website is built for user-experience. Cannabis companies are just like any other brand, although they can face extra challenges. You want to create a reliable, reputable space for potential customers to discover. Your website can be the perfect place to nurture and retain your clients. Create a rewards program, have an email or phone capture for deals, or have people sign up with their local dispensary.

Be The Expert

Although the industry is exploding, sometimes cannabis can, unfortunately, get a bad rap. You want to create content and implement strategic messaging that positions you as a trusted expert. Use your appropriate content marketing to create blogs and sales materials that educate the consumer, rather than pushing promotional content. Promotional content is still important, but it should take the back seat for most of your marketing campaigns. Go back to how your want your consumers to perceive your brand in the industry landscape, and make sure your content is setting you up for success. With a user-friendly website and strong, consistent educational content, your Cannabis brand can reach new heights and become an established name in the Colorado cannabis industry.


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