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Now everyone can have their own personal assistant that helps with everyday tasks like automatically dialing into meeting rooms, ordering new supplies, reporting equipment problems, providing directions to offices and finding overall information to name a few.

Amazon is sending Alexa into the workplace to act as your intelligent assistant. Why get bogged down with tedious tasks, such as managing your calendar, scheduling client meetings or making phone calls when you can have a robot do them for you?

New technology is allowing you to be more productive during the day by setting Alexa up at your desk acting as your personal assistant while you stay on top of what’s important. Or share the love by setting up the device in a common space like conference rooms, where you can automatically dial into conference calls.

Alexa is customized to work for you. People may have been hesitant to invite Alexa into their homes, but now she’s a reliable part of the family. Not many other devices are integrated as seamlessly as the Alexa has proven itself to be. The extension of Alexa into the workplace is a logical progression from the home. A simple voice command is all it takes for a flood of information and answers to all your questions.

Utilize this powerful tool to help manage your company. Here is a visual on how Alexa works by integrating with your shared devices.Visit https://aws.amazon.com/alexaforbusiness/ for a more detailed explanation.

The best part about Alexa is she never talks back, and you never have to pay her a salary. It will be interesting to see how new technologies will disrupt the workplace. Alexa can help with tedious tasks in the office, but she can’t help you with your marketing. Now that you’ve got yourself a personal assistant, give Brand Iron a call 303-534-1901 or visit brandiron.net to take your business to the next level.

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