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Congrats to Nexus Commercial Realty on its official brand launch!

The Brand Iron team had a great time celebrating Nexus Commercial Realty last night at their company launch party. After chatting with a few people from a few very diverse spheres, it was apparent that Nexus is already living up to its namesake – making connections and forming relationships left and right! We think they’ll do just fine.

We even spotted some familiar branding materials around…


Brand Iron worked with the Nexus team to develop their new band from scratch – from name and logo to staff bios and sales materials. Their team focuses on profitable commercial real estate investments designed to help clients achieve lifestyle and wealth goals and objectives. The Nexus namesake represents their founding principle of connecting with people and providing a deep network of buyers, sellers, vendors, contractors and more to assist their clients every step of the way.

“We are excited to introduce Nexus Commercial Realty to all of our existing and new clients. We feel there is a strong need for a more client-centric focused group and we plan on delivering that kind of service to all of our clients.”
-Adam Riddle, Nexus Co-founder

Congratulations to Nexus!

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