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If you’re looking to grow your business, finding the proper funding is vital. In order to raise capital, you’ll need a clear idea of your pitch, your brand’s goals, and how you expect to achieve them. Of course, raising capital is a process that highlights your business’s value, its solutions, your plan for growth, and like anything you do, it requires an amount of skill.


Tips for Improving Your Pitches

  • When you’re pitching to potential investors, rather than adopting a conservative approach focused on where your business is today, focus on your growth potential and your vision for where your business is tomorrow.
  • Investors will look to invest in the people behind your idea as much as they’ll look to invest in your idea. Present yourself in a clean, confident, friendly way and reflect on past successes, experiences, and the traits that make your team a unique fit to grow with.
  • Highlight the market. Investors are more likely to invest in large market opportunities, so the bigger the market, the more opportunity you have to find investors.
  • Make sure to draw points regarding how your product relates to the market. What sets you apart from the competition? What’s your advantage over other market shareholders?
  • Provide your potential investors with relevant data that illustrates your position in the market and potential for growth.
  • You’ll likely run into rejection along the way as raising capital can be a long and committed process, but don’t be discouraged. Rejection can be a great opportunity to hone your pitch and identify weak points in it. Prepare for it and don’t take it personal. Achieving your vision can be a long road, but all you need is one good investor to take the next step.
  • Own your vision. Investors can present ideas and changes to your vision, but ultimately, you know if they make sense or not. Don’t succumb to pressure and change your vision if you don’t believe it’s productive. Listen to the advice of your clients, take the feedback you find valuable, and put it to the test.


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