The Challenge

Baseline Hardware Financing had newly created a niche serving the hardware industry with a royalty finance program. Originally branded as Baseline Growth Partners, they needed a new brand and message that highlighted their value as an investment company to hardware companies that could benefit from their hardware financing solutions.

Our Strategy

Brand Iron stepped in to develop Baseline Hardware Financing as a subsidiary of Baseline Growth Partners. With a value proposition that championed capital solutions designed to address 21st-century hardware challenges, Baseline Hardware Financing established a brand with strategic messaging and sales materials that allowed them to circulate their value proposition to both potential customers and inquiring investors.

Brand Activation

  • Brand Development
    • Brand Story
    • Messaging and Positioning
    • Brand Look and Feel
  • Capital Raise Deck
    • Teaser Video
  • Sales Materials
  • Website Design and Development

Their Results

Our team of brand strategists worked together to forge a new identity surrounding their brand/product that communicated their values and attracted investor attention. With the help of Brand Iron, Baseline Hardware Financing was able to raise $25M in outside funding that will allow them to further expand their business and prosper in their market space.