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The Challenge

When we began working with ModernIR, they had completed the development of software products that provide market clarity to investor relations officers. While the software was cutting edge, ModernIR lacked messaging that highlighted their key differentiators and market value. Furthermore, their existing look and feel were not effective at establishing a strong brand identity. Having the potential to challenge the industry standard, ModernIR called on Brand Iron to gain traction, increase awareness of their product line, and achieve their business goals.

Our Strategy

Brand Iron stepped in to develop a unified brand identity that clearly communicated ModernIR’s value proposition and key differentiators through messaging efforts across various channels. Additionally, by refreshing their brand design with a consistent look and feel, they successfully gained credibility within the industry. With the help of strategic execution, ModernIR could more easily target their ideal customers.

Brand Activation

  • Brand Development
    • Brand Identity
    • Messaging & Positioning
    • Look & Feel
  • Digital Marketing

Their Results

ModernIR saw a 30% rise in new clients and software sales since partnering with Brand Iron, more than 3x their original goal. Today, ModernIR is the number 1 market structure analytics firm in the Investor Relations profession and its software is utilized by many top-performing publicly traded companies, including Pfizer, RE/MAX, and Ralph Lauren.