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So, what is a BrandStorm anyway?

Strategy Session

Our signature strategy session that we call a BrandStorm, is a working meeting in which we collaborate to outline your company’s goals, objectives, and what actions need to be taken to get there. During this half-day meeting, our team of branding and marketing experts create a plan of attack for building, refreshing or revitalizing your brand. We do this by closely examining some important factors such as:

Brand Iron BrandStorm Goals & Objectives

Goals, Objectives, and KPIs

Brand Iron Marketing

Examine your brand, market position, & long term goals & objectives

Brand Iron Marketing Strategies

Marketing Technology Integration

Brand Iron Marketing

Identify marketing technology solutions

Brand Iron Marketing Strategies

Sales and Marketing Process

Brand Iron Marketing

Understand & refine your unique brand identity, voice & positioning

Brand Iron Marketing Strategies

Go to

Brand Iron Marketing

Draft a comprehensive Go-to-Market plan complete with preliminary timeline

Brand Iron Marketing Strategies

Measure Marketing Efforts

Brand Iron Marketing

Define metrics & establish metrics for monitoring outcomes

What’s Next?

Anything Plan

After executing a Brandstorm, our team will take all of the information gathered in the session and compile it into an Achieve Anything Plan. This plan is the tool box your business will use for all future marketing efforts. This comprehensive document outlines all of the goals discussed in the Brandstorm but this time with a plan for how to reach them.

Your Achieve Anything Plan will contain your business’s:

Value Proposition

Elevator Pitch

Voice & Tone

Key Differentiators

Competitor Analysis

SWOT Analysis

Technology Integration Recommendations

Sales Matrix

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T A K E   Y O U R  B R A N D   B E Y O N D   A V E R A G E

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