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Why Packaging Your Services Is Important?

Most people understand the basics of why packaging is important to products. Packaging helps companies differentiate from competitors, inform buyers, and convey their products in a cohesive, branded, way, but the truth is that packaging can do all of these things for services as well. In many ways one could argue that packaging is even more important for services, because it gives the client something to hold onto – a thing – as opposed to an idea.

Packaging or “productizing” a service can be best defined as taking a service and giving it shape and substance. It is a method by which companies can sell their concepts, their processes, and their expertise as manifestable commodity. This helps the client understand “what” they are buying before they do, a degree of assurance and transparency lacking in a traditional service-marketing strategy, and an important selling point to any business.  

Packaging services also allows you to reinforce your brand’s identity more thoroughly, creating a sense of professionalism and consistency that goes beyond the typical descriptions and taglines. It condenses every stray thread of company culture, methodology, and practice into a singular, well polished program.

How to Begin Packaging Your Services

Obviously packaging services isn’t about boxes or tags but, rather, how a business presents the principles and strategies that differentiate it from the rest of the herd. So how do you take something abstract and turn it into an object? There are several ways of packaging your services but most of them revolve around giving the client real figures, real avenues of production, and real end results to look forward to .

First, you need to give the client, actual tangible milestones and deliverables from the very beginning, as opposed to vague concepts and empty guarantees. It’s a lot easier to sell a result than it is to sell a process, so do your best to sell your clients an end-goal and a course of action that will lead to it.

Secondly, you need to sell your process and your methodology according to an organized and branded format that reads consistently from client to client. Name each individual step of your process, identify the particulars of that step, and explain how they contribute to that end-result. Each and every part of your service should be a branded, salable product.

Lastly, it means selling a fully realized and comprehensive solution that goes beyond patchwork. Offer results; offer an end-goal that resolves all of the clients needs in one, neatly presented, package. Providing clients with tools to monitor their services, informing them on industry trends, and helping them evolve with their needs is essential to fostering successful and satisfying client relationships. Don’t sell conditions, possibilities and hypotheticals; sell an actual, finished solution.

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