The Mane of a Brand Champion

If you’ve had the privilege of sporting the most kick-ass hairdo to grace the collective head of humankind, you know that it’s founded on the pillar of “Business in the front, party in the back.” Just as the mullet is the Swiss Army Knife of hairstyles, your brand’s voice should serve as a multi-tool to suit the tone of your social media platforms. 

LinkedIn is located towards the front of the mullet. It is an area that remains distinguished and neatly coiffed. This is the region most suited for business. It’s your money maker, your forward representation, and the catalyst of every first handshake. Like the front of a mullet, your social media should cater to the business professional audience that’s using the platform.

In the thick of the mullet lies Facebook and Twitter. We would define this area as business casual. All kinds of users exist, ranging from people following industry news to those purely seeking entertainment, community, and engagement. These platforms are versatile and can serve many different purposes. Depending on your business’s tone of voice and your brand strategy, you can choose to use them as information hubs, or to foster community by asking questions, joining groups, and interacting with hashtags. 

The Navy uses its Twitter account as a media outlet for updates on their activity, as well as a place to share content about their personnel. Overall, it’s largely informative and it fosters an engaged community that gathers around their updates.

On the tail end of the mullet are Instagram and TikTok. This is where your brand’s “wild side” can really let loose. These platforms are dictated by content that grabs its users’ attention, entertains them, and attracts them to follow. Brands that thrive on these platforms have personality, they’re daring and fun, and they’re not afraid to entertain.

While the mullet may not meet Naval grooming standards, its essence is clearly flowing through the veins of their social media team. They are a great example of how you can tailor your messaging for the segments of your audience that exist on different social media platforms. 

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