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Don’t have an idea where to start with your business’s social media? Is your social media marketing strategy going stale? We’ve got you.


Social media marketing is no longer a suggested marketing tactic; it’s an essential part of a successful marketing strategy. Utilizing social media platforms – and doing so effectively – can boost your sales, increase brand awareness, solidify your brand identity, and engage your target audiences. Having an account on these platforms is the first step, but without a direction to take, your business can get stuck at a social media standstill.


Looking at these six social media platforms, they all have their own benefits, behaviors, and purposes. When determining what social media platforms you should be using for you brand, focus on 2-3 platforms that align best with your marketing goals. We researched the demographics, behaviors, and features of each platform so you can determine the best platforms for your goals and for you to market your brand successfully.



Over half of daily Instagram users follow brands – that’s over 250 million people following brands. Instagram is centered around visually engaging and appealing curated posts. When you’re considering Instagram as a marketing strategy, focus on creating a color pallet and grid on your profile that is visually gripping. Brands that focus on aesthetic appeal in their posts, like lifestyle brands (Travel, Beauty/Cosmetics, Retail), tend to be a natural leader on Instagram; but don’t be discouraged Professional Service Businesses! Professional Services can use Instagram as well to showcase their company culture and to generate brand awareness. This can be a great way to creatively show your company’s personality and stay relevant in the space.


Instagram is a great network for promoting engaging, promotional posts. Make sure you’re set up as a business account so you can access your insights and create social ad boosts. Fifty three percent of Gen Z says Instagram is the best place to show them new products.



Twitter has over 100 million users daily and 75 percent of users check the site every day to get their news. Twitter is great for real-time thoughts, trending news, and engagement. Twitter is a great platform to use when you’re building your credibility as a brand, as well as your brand voice. Twitter statistics show that tweets with GIFs get 55 percent more engagement than those without, so don’t be afraid to show your personality. Due to the consistent stream of tweets, it’s important that you tweet 3-4 times a day so you don’t get lost in the shuffle. Use your Twitter to station yourself as an industry thought leader, consistently posting about industry news and your company’s news.  



Facebook has 1.4 Billion users every day. Due to the massive reach of Facebook, they have the widest and most far-reaching demographics. The main targets on Facebook would be users in Gen X & Y. Unlike Twitter, Facebook won’t be effective if you’re posting multiple times a day. Due to its algorithm, you want to focus on quality, relevant content that your target audiences would be likely to click on. Paid social boosting on Facebook is the most successful way to get your business or service seen. Seventy-five percent of users spend more than 20 minutes a day on Facebook, so you don’t need to parse your post down to 280 characters. Over 30 percent of retail shoppers who recently made a purchase discovered that product on a Facebook ad boost.



Similar to Instagram, Pinterest is visually driven – but with purpose and functionality. Over 70 million users are active on Pinterest daily for inspiration, ideas, and planning. Half of Pinterest users earn at least $50K a year, and 10 percent make more than $125K. Although Pinterest is predominantly women (almost 80 percent of users), men makeup 40 percent of new users. While the most popular categories in the US are Art and Hobbies, the most popular categories for men are Food, Drinks, and Technology. Using Pinterest, you want to cultivate a look and lifestyle that users can incorporate into their own lifestyle boards. You can drive sales and boost brand awareness — Eighty-seven percent of users have purchased a product because of Pinterest. It’s the perfect place to cultivate your brand and widen your scope of influence. There’s a place for every industry on Pinterest because of the diverse range of demographics that pin.



LinkedIn is the platform to use when you’re building the credibility of your brand and want to set yourself apart in the business landscape. LinkedIn is a place where professionals go to escape the influencers and fluff they’re exposed to every day on other social media. Every day, 546 million professionals use LinkedIn. Although commonly used for job postings and networking, posts with general content and news generate 15 times more impressions than a typical job posting. Forty-five percent of LinkedIn users earn over $75K. LinkedIn is a place where company decision makers hold a strong presence, because it proves a functionality that the other social medias don’t have. According to LinkedIn Insights, 80 percent of B2B social media leads come from LinkedIn.



Although YouTube has the smallest daily presence on the list, it’s the Internet’s second largest search engine behind Google. YouTube has been the enigma of the past 15 years, starting with home-grown videos and evolving into full blown stardom-inducing careers. YouTube alone reaches more than 18 to 49-year-olds than any US cable network. YouTube is the perfect place to build your brand presence, solidify your brand as a leader in the industry, and incorporate SEO outside of your website. What’s more, an overwhelming majority, 59 percent, of executives prefer watching a video over reading text. There are so many options for creativity and innovation with YouTube that you can tailor to your industry and target audiences.


When determining what social media platforms you should be using for you brand, focus on 2-3 platforms that align best with your marketing goals. Be sure to begin tracking data and insights as you implement each platform into your marketing plan. Track the best times to post, who’s engaging with your posts, and any key performance indicators that match your business goals. Having a strong, intuitive presence on 2-3 of these platforms will change the way you market your brand.



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