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It takes more than just good content to achieve successful content marketing. Having good content should be the standard — but it’s what you do with it that matters. Here are our top four tips for maximizing the effectiveness of your content.

1. Target Your Audience

Creating content that appeals to your potential customers is the heart behind content marketing. You’re creating content to engage with your clients and to reach potential clients — but what is it going to take to connect with them? Break down your audience:

  • What do they want to learn more about?
  • What interests them?
  • How does your business play a role in that?

You want to create engaging content that serves a purpose to both you and the potential clients. If you succeed in reaching your target audience, you start producing user-generated content and social media engagement. User-generated content puts the power of advertising and marketing into the hands of your consumers. You can increase your conversion rate by 4.5% if your content leads to user-generated content. You can also target your desired audience by including industry thought-leaders and brands into your content, to increase your chance of exposure. Creating content that is specifically tailored for your target audience is mutually beneficial.

2. Tailor To Platforms

Be careful about mass posting the same material to your social media platforms. Although each is important, each platform has a different audience, different sharing habits, and a different content culture. For example, people go to Facebook for general news and announcements, while Twitter is used for quick, attention-grabbing snippets. Before strategizing out platforms, you’ll need to do your due diligence.

  • How is your target audience using each platform
  • Where do they go for industry news or interesting articles?
  • What times are days are they using social media the most?

Although researching each platform can seem daunting at first, you’ll give your content multiple lives across all channels – which can greatly increase your odds for clicks and conversions. Look for ways to repurpose your content across platforms. Your blogs, videos, images, and posts don’t have to be stuck in the archives for good.

3. Timing is Everything

Look at the top engagement periods for each platform in your business analytics and incorporate it into your strategy. Planning out your posts in advance is essential when launching a campaign, and is a strong practice to keep in day-to-day marketing efforts. As we wrote in our ‘Setting KPIs’ blog, strategizing in advance will help you reach your goals and lead to your ROI. Sixty percent of small business owners are not able to track ROI from their social media efforts because they don’t create a content marketing strategy and track their progress. If you’re not tracking and timing out your social media, you won’t be able to see how it’s working for you, as well as what’s not working. This also means following current trending topics in your industry so you can repurpose old content and give it a new, relevant life.

4. Be a Thought-Leader

Create content that sets you apart from the competition. You get to write and share the narrative of your business through your content. Forty-seven percent of buyers viewed 3-5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales representative, so you want to ensure your content is selling your Brand story and setting you up for success. Make sure your creative is visually engaging, not only to grab users’ attention but also to pair well with your curated, branded content. Along with this, interact with other leaders in your industry, but ensure you’re not posting the same content as your competitors. Make your content fresh by adding your own spin on it. Be the expert — write what you know about and visually engage the user.

Using these four tips, your content can be optimized for maximum effectiveness – bringing in new leads, nurturing current ones, and engaging your industry’s community. To learn more about how to optimize your content marketing strategies, contact Brand Iron today.

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