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One of the most important aspects of branding and marketing is producing results, and having the ability to track marketing efforts is essential when it comes to making sure you’re getting your optimal return on investment. I, along with many executives and entrepreneurs like to look at how we are doing with hitting our KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) every month and each quarter as well. The items executives/entrepreneurs like to see tracked are:

  1. Leads generated – Both referral and organic. Spelling out which mediums produced what leads helps decide where you should allocate additional resources.
  2. Engagement – Which marketing efforts are engaging your prospects and opportunities and converting them into customers.
  1. Deals closed/new customers – We look at how many new customers came onboard, what deals we closed, the value, and average length of engagement to better understand our sales cycle. 
  2. Current client revenue – We look at additional revenue generated from current customers as add-on sales that, for many of businesses, can add up, and in some cases can be as much as an additional 5 – 15% in found revenue.
  1. Revenue and profit – It is paramount to track how your marketing efforts are turning into customers and revenue, and how profitable they are. 
Brand Fulfillment
  1. Client satisfaction – Are you engaged with your customers, are you delivering upon your stated brand value proposition and are your customers happy? We survey customers to determine this and make sure we are on track.
  1. Having the ability to track trends and see your company’s upward or downward trends months over month, quarter over quarter, or how you are tracking year after year and getting a good idea on how your company is trending.

Make sure you are tracking against your goals and objectives and producing the results you want your company to produce. Brand Iron is a strategic brand development and integrated marketing agency that can help you stay out in front of the competition and optimize your brand for the future. To learn more about our branding and marketing services, contact us here.

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