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Creating a memorable and effective brand often comes down to telling the right story, and creating the right connection with your target audiences. It isn’t enough these days to give a quick history and a mission statement; you need to find other ways of differentiating yourself from the competitors that have similar material, and video is one of the most effective ways to do so. Here are some of the many ways video can boost your brand value.

Your Competitors Probably Aren’t Using It

Companies are just starting to realize the full potential that video has to offer, which means it is a largely under-utilized media form. By simply having engaging video content, you can place your brand leagues ahead of your competition. Even a short introduction or testimonial video can go a long way in making you stand out from competitors who have nothing but text and pictures.

It Makes Your Website Pop

There are a lot of factors that go into designing an engaging website for your business, but video is one of the best ways to make sure visitors like what they see and stick around. People are more likely to stay on a page if they can click play and watch something rather than stay and read several paragraphs. It makes the design more interactive and more interesting, while providing a visual place to highlight your company’s value in a meaningful way.

It Helps You Package Your Business

Beyond exposure and appearances, video production also forces you to really nail down the fundamental value points of your business. Trying to distill your entire brand, and everything you want to say about your company, into a minute long script makes you prioritize like no other medium. If you can say it and make people understand it in a way that is succinct, memorable, even entertaining, you can make a seriously powerful impression on your target audiences.

It Tells a Story

Video, more than almost any other media form, is closely associated with storytelling, entertainment, and even inspiration. Creating a fully realized, multi-sensory experience gets your audience excited and grabs their attention, making it all the easier to convey complex ideas and differentiators. It fits into their attention span, appeals to their eye, and delivers the message you need them to understand.

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