What’s Organic Marketing?

Organic marketing refers to a process of naturally attracting customers to your website and business without the use of artificial methods like paid ads. Instead of utilizing high-budget marketing strategies that push advertisements or sponsored posts, organic marketing attracts customers by creating a strong digital presence which provides them with useful information they need. Organic marketing can be blog posts, SEO content on your website, social media posts, Youtube videos, or any other form of marketing that doesn’t involve direct costs. 

Organic marketing is a slow process that takes time to build. You have to refine your web content, and constantly work to ensure people find your content valuable. Without paying for exposure, it will take more time for you to build an audience. But when you do, you’ll create a more loyal, dedicated following for your brand. 

Check out these examples of organic marketing strategies you can easily implement:

  • SEO Optimization: Including relevant SEO keywords in your content can help your website appears on search engines. Make sure the copy across your website is related to your brand, valuable to your audience, and informative of what you offer. Once your website gains popularity, it will build its ranking in search engines and attract new customers through popular queries.
  • Guest Posts: Why compete with each other when you can build each other up? Guest posts are a great way to tap into new audiences and run cross-promotions with other brands in your industry while gaining backlinks. Try setting up a guest post with other brands, influencers, or industry-related websites to expand your audience, and don’t forget to return the favor. Cooperating with each other not only creates a greater sense of community, but it also fosters innovation and growth.
  • Social Media Engagement: Build your presence across social media platforms that are relevant for your brand and your audience. Share posts that promote your products, provide valuable news/information, or create community around your brand. Social media doesn’t have to be limited to pictures. Use a variety of posts like videos, infographics, or even articles. But remember, schedule your posting at a pace that’s consistent and easy for your brand to maintain.
  • Quality Content: Nobody wants to waste time scrolling through a boring feed of uninspired content. Make every effort to share quality content with your customers. Share information on your product/service, industry updates, or use your content to generate a discussion. As you go, monitor the performance of your content and use it to inform your future content strategy.

Whatever your organic marketing strategy may be, it’s important to remain consistent. Organic marketing is the foundation of successful marketing and long-term growth. If you’re considering building your brand, you should have an organic marketing strategy in place. 

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