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September has been website launch month at Brand Iron! Our developers have been hard at work coding and developing three new client websites. We are proud to announce that beaconcom.com, a5corp.com, and baselinegrowthcapital.com are finished, functional and absolutely beautiful. Check out their sites and learn about the strategy behind our design and development below.

Beacon Communications

Brand Iron Marketing website design

Beacon Communications is a company with innovative services to sell and broad new territories to own. We designed their new site to do just that. We took the bold company colors of green and blue and incorporated them into a modern, professional design that announced them as a major regional player. Using maps and interactive displays we were able to enhance the user experience of the site and demonstrate the scope of Beacon’s inter-state reach.

Brand Iron Marketing for websites

A5 Corp

Brand Iron marketing and branding for tech companies

branding for hi-tech companies

A5 started as Config Consultants, but they wanted to escape the confines of their old brand and emerge as a full service digital solutions provider. We packaged and presented their unique services and the exceptional advantages they provide in a way that communicates their value in an intuitive way.

Baseline Growth Capital

branding and websites for SaaS companies

Baseline is an emerging growth capital firm with an exciting and innovative strategy for achieving sustainable high growth, but they didn’t have the website they deserved. We created a beautiful, highly navigable site that properly presents them as the experts and pioneers they are. With a stunning yet simple layout and design, we created a site that speaks to their target audiences and demonstrates the unique opportunity they have to offer.

4 Reasons To Update Your Website:

1. You’re not getting the right kind of traffic

Without proper search engine optimization (SEO) it is pretty hard for anyone to find your site, let alone click on your link and read it. Updating your keywords, both on your pages and on online ads, can seriously improve your conversion rate.

2. Users on your site are not finding what they are looking for

Is your site laid out in a way that leads users intuitively to the pages they might want to find? If it’s not, you probably have a lot of traffic leaving as soon as they’ve arrived. Ensuring that they can get from the home page to what they really want, in as simple a process as possible, can really subtract from those rising bounce rates.

3. Your content is a deterrent rather than an asset

Without engaging, frequently updated content, users are not going to find your site credible or interesting. It kind of goes without saying that if all of your news articles are from 1992, they are not going to be very impressed by your “news & media” page. Keeping your content up to date is paramount to maintaining a professional appearance.

4. Your site is slow and it doesn’t work on mobile platforms

For every 2 second delay in page load time, conversions can fall by as much as 20%. That means people are not going to wait for your old site to load, and they’re willing to forget you if they have to do it for too long. Coupled with the fact that your non-responsive site probably doesn’t work on mobile devices, you’re missing out on a valuable opportunity to improve your site’s conversion rate.

If any of these problems seem surprisingly familiar, contact Brand Iron today and transform your business’s website for the better. Brand Iron is a strategic brand development and integrated marketing agency that can help you stay out in front of the competition and optimize your brand for the future.

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