The Resignation of a Brand Champion Affects Company Performance – Even in the Stock Market

Starbucks shares fall on announced CEO departure We know that every brand needs a Champion. Someone who stands behind their company’s distinct identity, who wholly engages it, pushes its message, and makes sure it is at the forefront of everything the company does. For Starbucks, that person is none other than Howard Schultz. For more than […]


Site Redesign for Hits the Peaks

In order to take a good cause to new heights, Brand Iron equipped with a site rebuild. Several years ago, Brand Iron partnered with the Colorado 14ers Initiative, a mountainous effort to protect and sustain Colorado’s 14,000-foot peaks, which sit squarely underfoot an estimated quarter million climbers per year. As a company native to Colorado, Brand […]

rows and rows of periwinkle lights twinkle as they display the product of Colorado Manufacturing

Branding & Marketing 101: Manufacturing Edition

The suit-wearing, martini-drinking city-slick marketer may be the first thing that pops into your head when it comes to branding and marketing. However, the modern marketer is a little more relatable in real life and asks the same foundational questions as today’s manufacturers. How do we stay competitive within our industry? Are we consistently showing […]


App-X Rebrands as Altvia

Founded in 2006, App-X made a name for itself through fully integrated Salesforce-centric solutions for private equity. Within a few years, App-X was experiencing rapid growth thanks to its customer-focused approach and unique product offerings. Today, App-X emerges as Altvia and continues to solve the digital problems of private equity. The story of Altvia’s rebrand starts […]

A plane's miles are mapped in red as it crisscrosses a black and white map of the world

Going The Extra 9,369 Miles

World change usually starts small, but always starts somewhere. For David Ware, President and CEO of McStain Neighborhoods, making a difference can mean going the extra mile or simply reaching out a helping hand. From there, the big dream of building a brighter future becomes tangible. Following his passion for sustainable building practices, Ware set […]

R&D Pipeline transforms into RD Pipeline through this depiction of their logo transition.

The Rebranding of R&D Pipeline

Brand Iron proudly celebrates the new brand launch of R&D Pipeline. The site utility solutions company continues to lead their industry with an updated logo and streamlined company name, choosing to evolve R&D Pipeline to the condensed RD Pipeline. Brand Iron’s dedicated design team went above and beyond to make sure every detail came together. […]

Usain Bolt sails past the competition with a sly smile on his face at the 2016 Olympics

Brands Going For Gold At The Olympics

.   With the Olympics coming to a close this week, it’s time to reflect on the world’s top brands and how they promoted themselves in conjunction with the 2016 Olympics in Rio. During these two weeks, it was a branding and marketing extravaganza with steep competition to promote companies and brands. Top brands use […]