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Transform Your Brand with Video

Creating a memorable and effective brand often comes down to telling the right story, and creating the right connection with your target audiences. It isn’t enough these days to give a quick history and a mission statement; you need to find other ways of...

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Brand Champion: Cindy Eckert

July's Brand Champion is Cindy Eckert  Brand Champions stand out; it’s part of the job. But few stand out more, or for better reason, than Cindy Eckert, CEO and brand champion of The Pink Ceiling. From her meteoric rise to notoriety to her brash, signature hot-pink...

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Brand Iron is a Denver-based strategic brand development and integrated marketing agency that specializes in creating enterprise value for clients in myriad industries across the country. Using the latest marketing technology solutions and our refined branding process, Brand Iron has set the foundations for success for many businesses, large and small, and continues to do so today.

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