Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing drives brand awareness and lead generation through every digital channel at a company’s disposal, affording you control of your branding and positioning as an authority in your market space. With digital marketing platforms, you can analyze the exposure, engagement, and ROI of your marketing efforts so you can adjust your marketing strategy for optimal performance.

Secrets of the Trade


We perform a brand audit, competitor analysis, and audience research so we can get the lay of the land.


Our team of specialists and brand strategists design a plan for content strategy, media disbursement, and customer engagement.


Our team of creatives establish your brand’s digital presence utilizing web design that’s true to your identity, while our wordsmiths lead the charge with SEO that makes your landing pages discoverable across the internet.


With a sturdy foundation, Brand Iron launches all organic and paid marketing efforts in alignment with a touchpoint calendar.


We analyze the performance of your marketing campaigns to measure your customer engagements, leads generated, and ROI.


We use your insights to identify what’s effective, what’s not, and how we can optimize your marketing to produce the most effective results.