Search Engine Optimization

What Is SEO Marketing?

SEO marketing is a combination of actions that helps search engines build your credibility, organize the information you’re publishing, and make it discoverable to users searching for it. It involves performing keyword research to determine what your audience is searching for and incorporating popular keywords in your content in a way that’s relevant to their needs.

Our Process for Search Engine Optimization

We conduct research to develop an understanding of your industry’s popular keywords, your competitor’s rankings, and your audience’s needs so we can design the best SEO strategy for your business’s goals.

We construct a plan of action for SEO landing pages, linking, and promotion so we can boost your organic traffic, increase your online ranking, and generate qualified leads for your business. During this phase, we design the content and the layout for each landing page in collaboration with your team to remain true to your brand identity.

We go live! Our team reviews, publishes, and tests all of your landing pages to ensure optimal performance for new website traffic.

Our team supports your SEO efforts by building backlinks (links to your landing page from other websites) across third party sources. Backlinks are one of the most important off-site ranking factors search engines use.

How We Build Your Backlinks
  • Ask partner websites.
  • Publish on niche websites or blogs.
  • Share your content on social media, forums, and blogs.
  • Publish on niche websites or blogs.

Once the organic traffic starts, it’s important to track what happens after they land on the page. Our team will monitor the performance of your pages, track the most popular keywords used to discover your pages, and measure the conversion rates of your pages to draft in a detailed report for your team.

Our team utilizes the data we collected to make recommendations on how we can further optimize your SEO marketing strategy and landing pages for a more effective conversion rate.

Many factors can determine how high your page ranks across search engines, including:

.01    High Volume of Outbound Links

.02    Healthy Keyword Ratio

.03    Strong Word Count

.04    Low Bounce Rate

.05    Fast Loading Times

.06    Length of Viewing Time

SEO Attracts Qualified Leads

A SEO-optimized landing page is designed to rank for popular search terms so it attracts organic traffic to your sales funnel. In turn, your brand increases its digital presence and expresses itself as an authority in the market space with relevant content.